Francisco J. Cotto
Rich Mercurio
Rich Mercurio, Percussion & Drums
Jorge “Georgie” Vazquez
Jorge "Georgie" Vazquez, Percussionist Extraordinaire

About Hot Peas ‘n Butter

“Even if your kids don’t like peas, there’s no way they can resist Hot Peas ‘N Butter!”

– Charlotte Bohn, Baltimore’s Child Magazine

Who Is Hot Peas ‘n Butter?

Winners of the 2006, 2008, 2009 AND the 2012,”Parent’s Choice Awards”, Hot Peas ‘N Butter is a unique children’s musical group that incorporates elements of traditional Latin music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz, folk, and rock.By combining an interactive, invigorating approach to performance with mature, multicultural music, Hot Peas ‘N Butter has developed a distinct way of inspiring care and creativity in kids and adults alike.

Hot Peas ‘n Butter on TV

With the appearance of their hit videos, Number 1 and Deep Down, on Nickelodeon and Noggin, Hot Peas ‘N Butter is quickly becoming a household name. In fact, they have recently been added as Noggin’s Videos On Demand! “If you’ve seen their videos on NOGGIN’S “Jack’s Big Music Show” or NICKELODEON’S “Move to the Music,” you know it’s not just the peas that are hot- Angela Thor, HappyNews.com

St. Jude Children’s Hospital Partners with Hot Peas ‘n Butter

A new partner to St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon, the song “Rayos Diferente”, from Hot Peas ‘N Butter’s latest release, “Best of the Bowl, Ingles y Espanol”, is a new version of their hit song “Different Spokes for Different Folks” from the award-winning CD Volume 4: The Pod Squad. This bicycle safety song was commissioned by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for their “Trike a Thon” program. St. Jude will launch a similar program in Puerto Rico, using the new song. The original video of Different Spokes for Different Folks, airs regularly on Nick Jr./Nickelodeon TV and is viewable among other music videos at iTunes.com Both videos are featured on the official Trike-A-Thon DVD as well as Nick Jr. (also a Trike-A-Thon partner) and nickjr.com. *”Different Spokes for Different Folks” helped to raise $2.6 million dollars over the previous $7.3 million St. Jude raised in 2006! “The success of the St. Jude Trike-A-Thon program has been phenomenal. We are very grateful to our two major partners that have helped us so much with Trike-A-Thon this year, Noggin and Hot Peas ‘N Butter. Hot Peas ‘N Butter’s song Different Spokes for Different Folks has been a wonderful addition to the program, and the children absolutely love the song. It is wonderful to have such caring people like Danny and Frank involved with the program; they have helped us further the mission of St. Jude through their gift of song. St. Jude loves Hot Peas ‘N Butter, and we are honored to have them involved with Trike-A-Thon.” -Chris Carkeet, Manager, School Based Marketing Manager, ALSAC / St. Jude

Hot Peas ‘n Butter On The Radio

As a featured artist on XM kids and Sirius Satellite Radio, Hot Peas ‘N Butter has been climbing the radio charts. Their single, “Different Spokes for Different Folks” held the number 1 spot for several weeks on Sirius Kids, and continues to reside in the top 100 songs overall on Sirius!
Lisette Santiago
Danny Lapidus
Oz Noy
Oz Noy, Lead Guitar Legend
Alize Roig-Hernandez
Alize Roig-Hernandez, Baile Folklórico, Backing Vocals & Music

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